Our exciting expedition will change the lives of our guests taking unforgettable journey of a life time, Last Eden Safaris speaks of high standard service and offers guests an authentic safari experience in untouched pristine wilderness areas of Botswana. Our professional guides will be able to meet and welcome guests in Maun International Airport , in the land of contrast, the wait and the dry! After meet and greet the long awaited journey will begin making your way to the Nxai Pan / MakgadiKgadi National park. This will depend on what time you arrive , if there is need to over night we will do so . However, the journey to the Nxai Pan/ Makgadikgadi national park is roughly 130 km. Nxai Pan / Makgadikgadi National Park is one of unspoiled wilderness areas in Botswana. Its renowned by its large numbers of Desert animals , being Germsbok , Springboks, giraffes , elephants , Zebras and Wildebeests , birds of Preys can be encountered when exploring this unique place. With these excellent numbers of Prey species , one will definitely encounter predators like lions , Cheetahs , Bat Eared Fox , Black Backed Jackals and the endangered African Wild Dogs . Upon arrival on this oasis , guests will have an opportunity to explore the area , searching for predators , general game and birds of Prey of the area , before reaching camp. Upon arrival guests will met by our friendly staff, guests may take a refreshing shower or sit around campfire enjoying our selected wines. Once dinner is ready our Chefs will invite guests to enjoy our delicious bush cuisine , prepared from the open fire.


A typical day on safari would begin with light breakfast followed by an early morning game drive, when wildlife is most active, after searching for predators , general game and the birds of prey of the area , a pit stop for steaming with fresh Muffins or Biscuits will give guests time to stretch their legs. Our knowledgeable and skilled professional guides , will be able to interpret the signs , tracks and this will be an informative adventure. Our non - participation safaris provide guests with the undivided attention of their guide and the flexibility to enjoy a leisurely pace , stopping to fully appreciate their surroundings without erecting of tents or prepare dinner .  Back in camp a full lunch / brunch is waiting , cooked by highly skilled Chefs.  A quite siesta time for the guests to pass the heat of the in camp. Afternoon tea make a welcome break late in the day and provides an opportunity for guests to stretch their legs, with a number of refreshments guests have a variety of choice.


On this particular day your guide will wake guests , for an early morning game drive , when wildlife is most active. Guests will have an opportunity to explore the salt pans and visit on of the historical sites , the Baines ' Baobao . A pit stop for steaming coffee with fresh Muffins or Biscuits may provide a quick break on game drive. At the same time enjoying these magnificent trees , and guests will be able to walk around this open vast salt pans of the ancient Giant lake Makgadikgadi, under the vigilant eye of their guide. This will not mark the end of adventure , your guide will be taking you directly through heart of Botswana unique place, before reaching camp.  Upon arrival in a full lunch or brunch will be waiting , a quite siesta time for the guests to pass the heat of the day in camp, before embarking on an afternoon game viewing activities.


Central Kahalari game Reserve is one of untouched pristine wilderness areas in Botswana , its unravelled scenic beauty is breathtaking . Central Kalahari Game reserve its renowned by its large numbers of Desert animals, Germboks, Springboks,  Red Hartebeest , Tsessebe, Great Kudu , if lucky enough the most difficult and rare Pangolin can be encountered . With this large numbers of Prey species, predators like lions, leopards , Cheetahs , African Wild Dogs , Brown Hyenas , Bat Eared Fox , and Black BackedJackals may be encountered. Upon arrival on this oasis guests will have an opportunity to explore places like Deception Pan and many areas of interests , searching for predators , general game , birds of Prey of the area. A pit stop will give guests time to stretch their legs , at the same time sundowner drinks will be served. This will be a moment of truth to enjoy the golden African sunset, sipping a glass of wine , listening to the Barking Geckos and watching Meercats as their retire for the night.


A typical day on safari would begin with light breakfast followed by an early morning game drive , when wildlife is most active. After searching for predators ,general game and birds of Prey of the area. Last Eden Safaris is luxury orientated safari , a pit stop for steaming coffee with fresh Muffins or Biscuits may provide a quick break on game drive . It is no wonder Last Eden Safari has been chosen by many nature lovers, because of its high standard service to our guests. One can experience the tranquillity and the beauty of wetland of the Okavango Delta and the Semi- Desert of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and the varying Flora and Fauna attributable to the diverse climatic conditions. Back in camp full lunch / brunch will be waiting . A quite siesta time for the guests to avoid the heat of the day in camp. Afternoon tea makes a welcome break late in the day, before embarking on a thrilling afternoon game viewing activities . Your guides who are exceptional experienced with the areas we operate , will find a perfect stop for sundowner drinks . In camp guests may take a refreshing shower or sit around the campfire for Pre-dinner drinks, before your Chef invite you to enjoy our delicious bush cuisine.


On this particular day you will start early , this will give guests an opportunity to take a short morning game viewing activities , at the same time heading to Maun. We strong emphasis to avoid driving long distance , which can be uncomfortable. However, guests may choice to take a scenic flight over the Okavango Delta or cultural tours .Over nighting in Maun it is of paramount importance to restock our supplies and refuel our vehicles.


Xakanaka is one of unspoiled wilderness areas in the Okavango Delta,it is renowned by high concentration of Buffaloes and elephants , the abundance of general game is outstanding. A wide variety of habitat means a diverse selection of wildlife can be found , while the permanent water of the Okavango Delta attracts large amount of wildlife especial during the dry season. A health population of Wild Dogs in Xakanaka can be seen , guests will have spend most of their time encountering sighting after sighting.  Last Eden safaris' professional guides boast with huge amount of knowledge of the area , they are passionate and dedicated to ensure that our guests have unique experience.  It would be unjustice  not to take an afternoon boat cruise and enjoy the meandering channels and the Lagoon systems of the Delta. Your professional guide will select a perfect spot , this will enable guests to enjoy the golden African sunset, sipping a glass of wine and the peacefulness will be unforgettable.


Magotho is community area situated out the Moremi game reserve , boasts biggest concentration of elephants , Buffaloes and Wild dogs. Guests will have an opportunity to experience nocturnal predators on night game drives, as the elusive leopards take their night operations.  This is a unique home for hippos and crocodiles as you be winding along the khwai river , this will enhance your wildlife experience.  Guests will have a true African experience by taking a Mokoro excursion . Mokoro is our traditional boat or the Dugout Canoe, guests will be able to glide above the waters of the Okavango Delta, this thrilling experience be memorable and unforgettable, the peacefulness and the tranquillity. Your knowledgeable and experienced guide will be able to spot tiny creatures like frogs and many other interesting things on that excursion.  

DAY: 12- 13 SAVUTI 

Here guests will be in the heart of Chobe national Park , Chobe National is one of the best rated national park in southern Africa, with its high concentration of elephants and Buffaloes. At all times the emphasis is on the guests primary interest and providing the time and opportunity to claim a wonderful photographic record of the experience . Savuti is renowned by its large lion prides , leopards , Cheetahs and the endangered African Wild Dogs. The thrilling experience in savuti is to witness the Zebras and Wildebeests migration ,as they follow their seasonal migration route , to the Linyanti Swamps. This migration will take place in April and November . In November they will be taking a course through unforgiving Kalahari sands to the Nxai Pan/ Makgadikgadi National Park. It is believed to be the second largest migration compared to Kenya and Tanzania.  With a number of artificial water holes in savuti, this will enable guests to sit and wait as the animal coming down to quench their thirsty .

DAY: 14- 15 CHOBE

Our exciting expedition will extend guests experiences into the remaining paradise of Chobe national park, Chobe national park boasts with herds and herds of Buffaloes  and elephants. The banks and flood plains will be filled with wildlife. We emphasis and  highly recommend an afternoon boat cruise on this last paradise of Chobe , it will be a rewarding experience to witness elephants playing and swimming across the chobe river, this will be magical!  Whatever level of adventure chosen on our Luxury mobile camping and Semi - Luxury camping safaris, one can rest assured that the days will be filled with breathtaking sightings. spending time in exhilarating closeness to the wilderness and the guide will become a friend and mentor , taking through a journey that is both a spiritual return to the nomadic of all people and a world adventure and experience that cannot be surpassed.  


A typical day on safaris would begin with light breakfast followed by an early morning game viewing activities , searching for predators , general game and the birds of Prey of the area , winding slowly out of the park and making your way to Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe. Guests will have an opportunity for an afternoon tour of the Falls. Guests will have exceptional experience to visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world! All our safaris are non-participation and are fully inclusive. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CAN BE DONE THE OTHER WAY ROUND. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US AND WE WILL BE OF SERVICE TO YOU .